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49 Seven Hills Road

Baulkham Hills, 2153



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(02) 9639 6555





School Readiness


We aim to provide your child with essential skills and knowledge to ensure they are ready and confident for the next step in their education. Our school readiness program refers to the daily program, which is implemented all year round to promote the development of skills which are optimal for children to possess before commencing school. Our transition to school program refers to the additional activities that are offered towards the end of the year, for children who will be commencing school the following year.


The Hills Preschool’s School Readiness Program covers key aspects of learning that children will encounter at school and provides opportunities for each child to extend on their interests. We provide opportunities aimed at fostering the skills needed for starting school.


Implementing a school readiness program enables the children to develop their developmental skills in key learning areas such as literacy, numeracy and self help skills. By developing these skills we position children to experience success in the early stages of their schooling. This will assist each child to make effective transitions from our preschool setting to the school environment.