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49 Seven Hills Road

Baulkham Hills, 2153



(02) 9639 6555



(02) 9639 6555








Our classroom is a large,  spacious, light and aesthetically pleasing learning environment, in which children are encouraged to develop independence, a sense of being part of a community and a lifelong love of learning. Our indoor learning space utilises age appropriate facilities and resources to ensure each child is given the maximum opportunity to learn and flourish.




Custom Designed Bathroom


 Our specialty egg shaped toilets have been designed to make toileting fun and easy for children. Our bathroom also includes hygienic hand dryers, child friendly taps and a non slip floor. All components of our bathroom facilities have been designed to ensure an exemplarly standard of hygiene and to make all aspects of toileting aesthetically appealing and accessible for children.






We have  onsite parking and ample side street parking lot to ensure children are safe. We appreciate parents adhering to the rules of carpark use, to keep our children safe.



Safety Measures


We have met and exceeded prescribed industry regulations and governmernment requirements to ensure our preschool offers the highest level of safety. We have installed 5 child safety gates/doors between the preschool and the carpark, to ensure maximum precaution is taken to keep children safe. Our play area is fully fenced and secure.




Our Yard


At The Hills Preschool, our outdoor environment forms an extremely important component of our facilities. We provide a natural outdoor setting to help foster healthy, inquisitive, happy children.

Our yard includes a vegie garden, where the children grow their own produce, some of which we send home for families to use. Through participation in gardening and other outdoor adventures, we aim to equip children with an appreciation for nature and a genuine enjoyment of being outside.


Our outdoor environment has been designed to reflect a natural backyard space that encourages children to engage in play based learning and activities. Children need regular time outside to explore and interact with their environment and our yard is set up to provide these invaluable opportunities.